Light Source supported the Road Safety Week campaign with this year’s theme, ‘No Need to Speed’, led by Victoria Chadwick.

Victoria Chadwick, Head of QHSE, introduced this campaign week to raise awareness across our business of how our speed when driving can determine the level of impact during a crash. Driving for work is one of the biggest risks on the road, a risk only increased if we speed. It is estimated that Light Source vehicles will travel over a million miles this year, that is 8 miles travelled every minute of every 8hr working day using around 43,000 gallons of fuel. These figures amplify the importance of our teams being aware of the impact of different speeds.

Victoria Chadwick, Head of QHSE, organised a week of events for our teams to get involved with to raise awareness of road safety week. The week began with a ‘Bake for Brake’ baking competition, where everyone shared photos of their baking creations which they made at home. The winner of this competition was our Project Delivery Manager, Paul Lightowler, who baked a delicious ginger and raisin loaf.

This was followed by ‘Beep Beep! Day’, where our teams got their children involved in colouring and activity sheets, increasing awareness amongst younger age groups. The week concluded with a ‘Speed down, dress up’ day, where our employees jazzed up their work outfits, in both the office and at home, to raise money for the Brake campaign.

Steve Hill, Managing Director, said “This has been a great initiative and has emphasised the important message, ‘no need to speed’, whilst having some fun along the way. We have seen great engagement from our teams throughout the UK and it has certainly had an impact on our driving habits.”

The message is now very clear across Light Source that there is no need to speed. We will continue to raise awareness of safe speeds to improve our safety on the roads.