Light Source, one of the UK’s leading telecoms infrastructure partners based in Nottingham, has opened its first ‘Super Unit’ outside of its Nottingham Headquarters in Spalding, South Lincolnshire. The property, previously owned by Travis Perkins, stretches across 10,000 Sq. Ft, surrounded by an additional 40,000 Sq. Ft of yard.


Following successful tenders with Netomnia and Upp, Light Source will be delivering builds across the South Lincolnshire and the East Anglian Region. Light Source are already engaged in advanced construction work with both Netomnia and Upp, with long term agreements to deliver full-fibre broadband to underserved towns and communities across the South Lincolnshire region. Light Source also plan to deliver their contract with Virgin Media from their ‘Super Unit’, building infrastructure around the Cambridge and Suffolk region.


The new operational delivery site will eventually host an additional 50 employees into Light Source, creating more opportunities in the telecommunication industry for the people of Lincolnshire, working across the Netomnia, Upp and Virgin Media projects.


Steve Hill, Light Source’s Managing Director, said, ‘This investment evidences our long term commitment to our partners and deployments in Lincolnshire and surrounding area. My team have created a multi-use super hub, which will serve a number of clients, whilst ensuring autonomy for each individual partner.’


Contained within the 40,000 Sq. ft yard, Light Source are accommodating one of their clients PoP sites (Point of Presence). This access point, which will provide broadband to over 25,000 homes, hosts a collection of telecommunication technologies and equipment which will allow users from the local area to access the internet.


Darren Etheridge, Light Source’s Commercial Director, said ‘This is a great opportunity for Light Source to expand our national footprint into Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas, and more importantly enhancing the internet services to the local area.

The super hub is a clear demonstration of the year-on-year growth which Light Source have achieved and our commitment to the communities which we work within to bring both improved internet services and local job opportunities to the areas where we work’


Light Source have exciting plans to further expand their national footprint by opening an eighth office in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, within the next three months to deliver FTTP build in the Worcestershire and Shropshire area for Virgin Media.