About Us

Telecommunications Infrastructure Partner

Our Profile

Light Source specialises in the delivery of robust, cost effective design and build solutions in the Telecommunications industry. We believe that networks need to be easy to build, manage and maintain, providing the ultimate experience for the end user and significant reductions in operating expenditure for our clients.

Our Health and Safety strategy, development and arrangements align with our fundamental belief to develop a culture where safety is our number one priority.

We train our people well enough so that they are qualified to leave, but also treat them well enough so that they don’t want to.

Striving for excellence has become habitual for our business. We take our competition very seriously, but not ourselves. This has given our employees a fluid mentality to not only develop their talent but increase their inquisitive nature to explore new concepts and ways of working.

What we do

Light Source are genuine pioneers of delivering true FTTP infrastructures. We have developed and maintained strong industry relationships throughout our 20 year history. The networks we design and build are robust and cost effective therefore our clients get a bespoke end to end solution.

We believe that networks need to be easy to build, manage and maintain in addition to reducing operating expenditure, providing the ultimate bandwidth for the end user.


To find a way to do more for our clients than others, to become more valuable, to do more, give more, serve more and to inspire communities by connecting people.


To safeguard a positive Health and Safety culture, underpinned with governance, integrity and trust. Supply innovation and environmental diversity whilst seeking to maintain our legacy of building networks that are at the forefront of future technology.


To be the telecommunications delivery partner that is furthermost respected for its people, culture, partnerships and quality performance.

How we do it

Light Source, where practical, uses a high percentage of direct labour which encourages a positive working environment and increases our local investment in the areas we are delivering networks.

Our leaders are striving to create a working environment that improves quality of service, reduces any transitional stresses and has increased productivity for our partners. We are continually challenging our resource to differentiate our deployment in a competitive market. Light Source endeavours to find ways to do more for our clients than others. Our employees are encouraged to do more, give more, be more and serve more.


Our business is governed by a highly experienced, academic and principled board of directors with the primary objective of QHSE supremacy.

In addition to our in-house inspectors, led by our Risk Director, Light Source use independent external auditors to ensure our business operates at a level that exceeds legal compliance guidelines.

Light Source IT infrastructure confidently confronts cyber threats to ensure a seamless transition of data between our business and that of our clients. Our team tackle the most challenging IT problems and passionately protects the customer behind the data.

Health & Safety

Our Health and Safety strategy, development and arrangements align with our fundamental belief to build a culture of putting safety first. 

We continually asses the Health and Safety competence of our duty holders to ensure CDM 2015 Reg 8 compliance to safeguard the wellbeing and safety of the general public, our employees, contractors and client representatives.